A Short Account Of Carbohydrates

One of the most important food groups and what should be a part of everyone’s daily diet, the image of carbohydrates is often maligned thanks to their association with unhealthy fats. Carbs are the most importance sources for the body to receive and assimilate energy as well as calories.

What makes up carbohydrates? This food group is a compound that is created by carbon, oxygen as well as hydrogen, which in turn is responsible for the name as well. Where are carbs found? They are present in any form of grains as well as bread, cereals as well as certain fruits and vegetables. Nuts and legumes too often contain trace elements of carbs. Fruits, for example, contain a form of carbs which are known as Fructose. Dairy and all products related to it also contain a certain form of carbs known as Lactose.

So which are the actual food that might contain a trait of carbs? Well, for starters, potatoes and sweet potatoes contain a large portion of carbs amongst the vegetables. A characteristic of carb-containing food is the fact that they are often very rich in fiber. Pumpkin, for example, is both, a good source of carbohydrate as well as a great source of fiber; hence the perfect example of a healthy food that provides energy, calories, and fiber.

Carbs are closely related to the glycemic index of our body. The glycemic index of the body is a tool to monitor the sugar levels of the body and hence an excessive of amount of carbs in our diet can cause serious detrimental effects. However, the benefits of carbs of far outweigh their slide effects. And so, an overall balanced form and quantity of their intake can go a long way in ensuring perfect health for you and your loved ones.